Greenwave’s E-commerce solution is designed to empower Retailers to rapidly innovate and deliver engaging experiences to their customers across all digital channels and devices. The platform solution delivers enterprise-class performance and scale, and seamless integrations with third-party solutions to keep Retailers ahead of increasingly complex digital commerce operations, and growing customer demands.

Optimised Online Sales

Offers complete product and content management capability that optimize product searches, catalogue, promotion, pricing and orders

Centralised Order Processing

All transactions and their corresponding data are centrally processed and visible in real time across channels through centralised-inventory management

Cross-Channels & Devices

Sell online. Sell on mobile. A unified commerce platform for easy management of promotion and sales across channels from a single interface

Key Features

• Customer Management
• Product Management
• Order Management

Shipping & Delivery
• Reward Points Issuance & Redemption

• Discount & Promo Code

• Inventory Management
• Payment Gateway API
• GST Module