Warranty registration is a great way for manufacturers and vendors selling through distribution to figure out who their end users are, but traditional mail-in warranty registration programs are both time consuming and costly to maintain. On top of high printing and return-postage costs, manufacturers typically end up paying for labour to input the data received back into their CRM or warranty database.

Greenwave's E-Warranty allows manufacturers and vendors quickly and cost effectively receives registrations back and manage warranty and claims efficiently. Manufacturers and vendors manage the incoming registrations, allowing service center to find and process warranty registrants and claims quickly, as well as upselling of Extended Warranty to new and existing customers.

Cost Reduction

Digitalisation to reduce traditional mail-in warranty, helps businesses to save on printing and postage costs; thus improve cost efficiency with quicker turn-around

Transform Cost To Profits

Extended warranty helps manufacturer and vendors to increase after-market revenues while ensuring the competitive pricing as well as service contract profitability

Greater Customer Satisfaction

End-consumers are easier to perform online self-service Warranty registration and purchase extended warranty to prolong their product lifespan

Key Features

• Online Tracking & Manage
• Auto-registration

• Up-Sell Extended Warranty
• Claims Status at a Glance

• Soon-to-Expire Alert
• Expired Warranty Report