Touchpoint Retail - Engage Customers Across Multi-Channels 

Greenwave proprietary Touchpoint Retail meets your growing business demand and digital savvy customers. It’s an effective cross-channels solution with the advantage of being integrated with full financials, retail POS & distribution, centralised inventory control, customer management for businesses to grow, improve & take control of multi-channels business. 

Touchpoint Retail is a unified commerce system enables traditional retailers to bring all silos line of business together in a single source of truth enables scenarios like checking in-store availability online, placing a delivery order from a store, accessing the same inventory across channels, get a single view of the customer.

Timely Financial

Up to date financial information and constantly monitoring financial performance allows businesses to respond proactively to the challenging retail market

Retail & Multi-stores

Manage and grow retail business in the cloud, gain greater control to track, maintain, and view stock levels across multiple sales channels in real time

Comprehensive Inventory

Designed for multi-stores with full financials, which is reflected in the inventory system. Control over pricing and stock by store location and across channels

Features & Benefits


Easy to set up and simple to use User Interface, available in both web and mobile version, non-hardware dependency

Financial Accounting

Capture  sales, purchase and other information at source cutting out double entry of transactions

Inventory Management

Full inventory and centralize stock control  and management ensuring accurate selling price, control stock movement 

Link customer when they transact, to 

reward them with their needs

Report & Insights

View all business data with ease. From sales data to product data to sales employee data

Support & Maintenance

Dedicated team to solving technical glitches, queries & issues plus on-going training