Cloud POS

Cloud POS is caters for small and medium businesses that consists of Finance & Retail Distribution modules that help SMEs to improve operational efficiency.

With Cloud POS, Retailers can now access a wide range of information and data on mobile devices and to reach out to their customer base in a secured and effective manner. By leveraging the benefit of cloud technology, this service is to create an improvement of accessibility irrespective of user’s location while offering low IT deployment cost.

Key Features

· Cloud-based POS

· Cash / Credit Sales

· Synced Customer Data

· Synced Inventory

· Custom Payment Options

· Accounting Automation

Go To Market Quickly

Ready made solution and easy deployment save you time cost and allow your business starts faster

Improve Your Work Productivity

Businesses can streamline workflows applications with our apps that offer simple and precise features

Grow Your Business Not IT Budget

Helps business owners to focus on
growing their core business, close more deals & keep stakeholders happy